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Millennium-MT iFive (Server)

Millennium Desktops Save Energy Maximize Performance As graphics cards and processors become increasingly powerful, the costs of running a desktop computer are rising rapidly. Today’s computer drains more electricity than ever. When building a system, it’s important to consider not just the energy it uses, but the efficiency with which it runs. Conserving energy is important for us at Millennium, and that’s why many of our products now meet Energy Star Specification, the highest independently certified standard in energy efficiency.

You might think that energy efficiency comes at the cost of reduced performance, but with Millennium products, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Millennium Desktops provide excellent performance with minimum energy consumption.

Product Description

A Green Dream for Everybody

All of us want to save the planet, and you can start your dream by using the Millennium PC. We are committed to improving lives through technology. The planet is something we should all care about. It is, after all, the only one we have got. Whether you are saving on power or fuel, or nurturing and planting trees, going green will benefit you in every measurable way. You will save money, live healthier and even be happier. It is not just about changing what we do, but also what we buy.

Technology empowers one with fascinating possibilities. But it is up to us to use right technology and to its full potential. It can work wonders or become a major cause for concern.

Get a Millennium PC today. It is a perfect t for your business environment, designed for the way you work and fulfills your future needs. This PC is ready and equipped to help you make the most of your new PC.

With innovative engineering, high Mean Time Between Failure MTBF, product excellence through latest technology and quality testing, you know you’re getting a reliable and durable Desktop PC that will go the distance. Millennium offers multiple service and support options, so you can spend your time focusing on your business.





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